Feeling Love Sports Wrist Brace- Adjustable Wrist Support Wrist Brace for Bodybuilding Tennis Basketball Weightlifting ect...Left and Right Apply - for Women and Men(black)

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Manufacturer Description

Sports wrist
1. Has a strong elasticity, permeability.
2. To prevent wrist injury. To enhance the strength of the wrist. Beautiful. Comfort. Full display of sports grace. Easy to wash.
3. for health: a small investment will be in exchange for a huge harvest.

The role of the wrist:
1. Provide pressure to reduce swelling.
2. Restricted activities, so that the injured parts to recuperate.
3. Help avoid wrist injuries
4. Reduce wrist pain from Repetitive Strain Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Wrist Fractures, Wrist Sprains, Repetitive Strain Injuries or Rheumatoid Arthritis
5. Prevent wrist injuries, relieve pain, increase wrist mobility and speed up recovery.
6. Ideal for most activities such as gym, fitness, baseball, badminton, basketball, horse-riding, football, golf, tennis and so on.

Wrist Wraps helps relieve discomfort from swelling, muscle strain, sprains, arthritis, and general wrist pain. It provides compression and support for either the left or right wrist and is adjustable so you can achieve a custom fit. This support is suitable for use during sports.

Easy to Position
loop design makes the Wrist Wraps support a cinch to put on and use. It fits snugly over your hand to support the wrist area so you can engage in your usual activities with ease.

Maximum Support
3.20 inches wide and 17.20 inches long Wrist Wraps offer maximum support without hindering movement.

How to Wear?
1. Insert thumb into loop with smooth side of material against skin. Wrap support under bottom of wrist. For Left Hand Use: Wrap support over top of wrist.
2. Bring support under the wrist and back around the top of wrist. Secure hook fastener.
3. Adjust support until it fits firmly, yet comfortably.

Product Features

LIGHT AND BREATHABLE, EASY TO WEAR -Wraparound style is easy to put on and take off, it promotes wrist stabilization without limiting thumb rotation and gives the right support for extending and bending of the wrist.enough support for workouts & light-duty work. Compact & rolls up and fits in pocket. Incredibly easy to put on and is MUCH more supportive. COMFORTABLE- Don¡¯t fall or slip off,works well for wrist pain or carpel tunnel,& tendonitis, restrain pain & wrist sprain rapidly .easy to wash & fast-drying.it is one size fits all. ROLE OF THE WRIST-Provide pressure to reduce swelling. Restricted activities, so that the injured parts to recuperate.Help avoid wrist injuries FULLY ADJUSTABLE-Designed with highest professional grade materials to maximize all forms of weight and power lifting. Each pair of wrist wraps comes complete with thumb loop to help hold whilst wrapping. Gives superior levels of support to immobilize the wrist when necessary . This wrist wraps is 3.20 inches wide and 17.20 inches long. IDEAL FOR MOST ACTIVITIES- Sach as gym, fitness, baseball, badminton, basketball, horse-riding, football, golf, tennis and so on.

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